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Pandora Streams To Samsung Smart TVs

Pandora Streams To Samsung Smart TVsPandora Internet Radio has announced a partnership with Samsung to stream to its Smart TVs in Australia.

The Internet radio streaming service is now ready on Samsung Smart TVs from 2011 to the new 2014 models and on the new Samsung Sound gear, which have just gone on sale.
Rick Gleave, director of business development, Pandora ANZ, says its all about device choice when it comes to content. 
“With Australians now owning an average of seven connected devices, we must respond to allow consumers more choices in how they want to experience their content.”
Nearly one in four homes in Australia now owns a Smart TV, which Pandora says highlights the importance of cross-platform integration. 
Pandora also recently announced an app for Google’s new Chromecast TV dongle that recently went on sale here. 
The globally popular internet radio service currently has over 1.5 million listeners in Australia and New Zealand.
It is growing by 25,000-30,000 users a week, Pandora MD Jane Huxley told CN earlier this year.
Samsung Sound new audio gear, that includes Multiroom Speakers, Soundbar and Home Theatres, will also stream Pandora through the Multiroom App, which can be controlled via mobile. 
Samsung Sound’s campaign, which launches this week, will feature local Australian artists: Flight Facilities, Cloud Control and Jinja Safari. 
Brad Wright, Director – Audio Visual, Samsung Australia, says “Australians are now listening to their favourite tunes on multiple devices from room-to-room. 
“By partnering with some of the most innovative music streaming services, we can deliver an innovative and simple audio solution to people who live and breathe their passion for music every day.”