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DogPhone Proves Animals Are Ready To Take Over The Internet

DogPhone, a pioneering dog-to-human video call device prototype, is a collaboration between University of Glasgow’s Dr. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas and her very handsome 10-year-old Labrador Zack, allowing new ways for people to interact with their furry friends.

By shaking a ball fitted with an accelerator, Zack can call his owner. When the accellertor senses movement it initiates a video call on a laptop in their living room, allowing the pooch to see and interact with his owner whenever he chooses.

The animal’s human can also use the system to call him, and Zack is then free to answer or ignore the call, not unlike a teenager…

Dr Hirskyj-Douglas decided to create the tech after realising the growing animal-tech market wasn’t actually catering to animals.

“Over the past decade, many systems have been developed for humans to remotely connect to their pets at home,” reads a research article titled “Forming the Dog Internet: Prototyping a Dog-to-Human Video Call Device,” which then notes how little attention has been paid to “how animals can control such systems and what the implications are of animals using internet systems”.

The doctor reported how exciting it was to actually receive calls from Zack, though anxiety set in when calls didn’t come through.

Also, the dog was initially confused by calls but became used to the DogPhone system

“We can really form technology very differently for animals” who can be ‘active users’ of tech if only people can ‘reshape our thinking about how we see the future of dog technology’.”