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Dog Suffering From Rage? Cursing Collar Can Help

Not all doggos were born good – some are naughty, mischievous, annoying or just downright angry.

And a new gadget can help pooches express their inner rage by shouting out swear words from a speaker implanted on their collars while they bark.

The battery-powered ‘CussCollar’ is programmed to bark out prerecorded profanities, including ‘motherfucker,’ ‘bullshit’ and even ‘fuck’ with every woof, according to the company behind the gag collar, MSCHF.

It could help pups vent about being scolded for their zoomies or humping the wrong object.

(Photo: MSCHF)

‘We all know your pooch probably has some built-up rage for those times that you didn’t come home [or] skimped pretty hard on his dinner that one night,’ a write-up on odditymall.com said.

‘Just let them curse their frustration away!’

The leather collar, retailing for US $60, is made with a device that detects the dog’s bark before randomly selecting a curse word to shout out. It comes with a padded interior strap and steel buckle, so your angry pooch can remain both comfortable and stylish throughout their vulgar outbursts.

‘We actually have a dog collar that lets you know what your dog is really saying,’ a video from the company website says.

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