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Disney+ Hits 54.5M Subscribers In Under 6 Months

Disney+ has further accelerated its campaign against Netflix, notching 54.5 million subscribers as at May 4, despite a slight slowdown in the past month.

In early April, the Disney+ streaming service exceeded 50 million subscribers – up from 33.5 million at the end of March, and 26.5 million at the end of Q1 in December 2019.

The Disney+ streaming service launched in the United States on 12 November 2019, and 19 November in Australia. It costs A$8.99/month.

It comes as all of Disney’s other streaming service platforms reported growth in the past quarter too.

Market watchers speculate growth was in part influenced by the COVID19 pandemic, with home-bound individuals increasing their desire for entertainment offerings. 

The news comes as the global streaming service market continues to receive new entrants, including the likes of HBO Max and CBS’ All Access.

Netflix remains the industry’s juggernaut with over 182 million paying streaming subscribers as at Q1Y20.

Just this week, local pay-TV provider, Foxtel, announced it would remain the exclusive “home of HBO” in Australia, after inking a multi-year deal with Warner Media.

The news was a blow to Nine’s Stan – who was also competing for the deal – and come just ahead of HBO Max’s streaming service launch in the United States later this month. 

It has not been publicly confirmed just how long Foxtel’s deal with HBO will last for.

Last year, the Aussie company also announced a deal with Netflix to integrate its content straight into the Foxtel interface .

Disney’s other streaming service, Hulu, jumped 27% YoY to 31.2 million total subscribers, whilst ESPN+ hit 7.9 million subscribers.

Commentators questions the effect on customer churn when coronavirus restrictions ease globally, and whether customers will stay loyal to new streaming service offerings.

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