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Digital Skills Crisis Looms As PM Urges Return To Office

A new report from RMIT Online says digital skill needs will grow as the recovery from the Covid-19 recession accelerates, but – perhaps to no-one’s great surprise – more than half of surveyed Australians have little or no understanding of coding, blockchain, artificial intelligence or data visualisation.

The RMIT report warns that Australia will need 156,000 more digital technology workers by 2025, akin to one in four jobs created during that period.

RMIT says that students and employees are undertaking training to meet digital skill needs, but warns that this won’t be enough to fill the gap.

About 25 percent of companies surveyed said their data analysis skills are not at the level required, or are out-dated, compared to employer requirements.

Addressing the skills would add A$10 billion to the value of businesses in the technology, media and telecommunications by 2025, according to the report.

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