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Dell To Feature Wireless Phone Charging In Notebooks

Dell is looking to turn their laptops into wireless phone chargers according to a new patent.

The patent, which was initially spotted by Patently Apple, shows that Dell is looking to use some of the excess real estate on their notebooks to feature wireless charging technology.

However, rather than fitting the laptop with wireless charging coils, the patent is for a wireless charging sleeve that would allow an external device to be charged.

There is no information of how efficient or fast the sleeve would be, how the technology would work  or how it would affect heat or battery life of the notebook, but the sleeve would be powered by a small power connector.

The ability to wirelessly charge a device from a notebook would be ideal for those working remotely or on the go, however it does raise the question of battery life, which is already an issue for many powerful devices. An increased battery to counteract the issue would reduce portability, rendering the portability benefits of a notebook null and void.

Furthermore, whilst the sleeve does use the excess real estate of a laptop, this space is generally used for resting ones wrists whilst typing, meaning the new technology could affect ergonomics and comfort. Whilst Dell may very well have solutions for these issues, the patent reveals nothing.

Apple are another company with their eye on wireless charging and have filed three patents for bring wireless charging to their MacBooks. The company has attempted to incorporate the technology in the past with matt AirPower in 2017, however it was cancelled in 2019 due to technical issue believed to be related to heat management.


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