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Dell Teases Their Answer To Microsoft’s New Studio PC

The highly-priced but nonetheless impressive Surface Studio turned heads when Microsoft officially revealed the new all-in-one PC last week.

However, Dell are gearing up to try and steal Microsoft’s thunder with a comparable offering.

The new all-in-one desktop is said to have been in development since 2014.

Dell say it’ll be officially unveiled at CES 2017 in January, teasing customers with a short video preview via Twitter.

Based on the teaser, the PC will feature both stylus support and a touchscreen that supplants the deskspace usually reserved for the mouse and keyboard.

Assuming they can pull this unconventional interface off, the next biggest issue will likely prove to be price. Microsoft’s Surface range sits at a premium price-point even compared to brands like Apple and if Dell can deliver that same level of intuitive experience at a lower price-point it could seal the deal for many potential-customers.

Expect more news come CES 2017.

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