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Acer Exec Slams New Macbook Pricing

A senior executive at Acer has criticized Apple over the pricing of their new range of Macbooks.

Speaking at the Taiwanese launch event for Acer’s own Swift 7 Notebook, Acers’ president for Taiwan operations Dave Lin told attendees that “Apple’s new Macbook Pro is way to expensive – it’s really not affordable for ordinary users”.

The new MacBook 13-inch with Touch Bar is priced at $1,799, while the 15-inch version sits at $2,399.

Lin asserted that laptops priced towards the higher-end of the market (more than $1400) only constitute 20% of the market and that Apple’s latest pricing strategy could prove a boon for vendors, like Acer, focused on providing ‘Wintel’ notebooks.

“We aim to overtake Apple” and return to the top five PC brands, he said.

Acer is currently ranked #6 in worldwide market share. They shipped 4.61 million PCs in the last quarter.

As of the most recent quarter, Apple sits only just ahead at 7.6% market share and 4.94 million units shipped.

If Lin’s assessment of the market proves accurate, Apple’s most recent (and first-ever) revenue decline is unlikely to prove their last.

Acer has yet to confirm Australian availability and pricing details for the Swift 7.

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