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AMX VIPs Coming To Oz

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Philip Dodds, Business Development Director Vision2 Group and Marjorie Smith, Director of AMX Product Portfolio Strategy will be on-stand everyday at Integrate09 on July 6 – 8, 2009.

With both Philip and Marjorie possessing significant experience with the AMX product suite, attendees will be able to learn more about the latest products, international industry trends and international projects and applications where the latest AMX products have been installed.

Philip Dodds has a strong background in the broadcast industry and was a Founding Director of Atrium Group Developments Ltd, a UK-based software company providing video content management systems. In June 2008 AMX acquired Atrium Group Developments Ltd and launched their seventh generation IPTV solution, Vision2.

Coinciding with the acquisition, Philip Dodds became Business Development Director for AMX Vision2 and works heavily with dealers, consultants, partners and the product development team to develop market opportunities for Vision2.

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Marjorie Smith has been an integral member of the AMX Product Development team for a number of years. Prior to starting with AMX, Marjorie worked in the Defence Industry and was responsible for some of the most highly advanced technological projects. Marjorie and her team are responsible for the design, development and management of each of the company’s key product lines.

Philip and Marjorie will also be presenting at the Infocomm Super Tuesday: Future Trends Seminars. Philip will be presenting on Digital Signage and discussing how in difficult economic times, the importance of effective communication increases exponentially. Marjorie will be presenting on Control Systems and will take an in depth look at why resource management is now a minimum requirement for future-proofing facilities that are equipped with integrated control systems, for those who purchase, manage and maintain them.

AMX will be showcasing a variety of product lines including Inspired Signage, RMS, Vision2, TPI-PRO, Anterus RFID, Solecis, Novara, AMX Smart Meter Display plus the entire range of AMX Touch Panels, keypads, controllers, remotes, switchers, speakers and more.