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Samsung Aims To Take Up Pioneer Plasma Share

Samsung Aims To Take Up Pioneer Plasma Share

Following the exit of Pioneer Electronics from the plasma TV market Samsung  the second largest plasma TV vendor is set to expand their plasma offerings in an effort to capture additional market share.

According to DigiTimes Samsung is looking for additional production capacity of plasma filters, as the company aims to increase its plasma TV shipments to 4.5-5 million units in 2009 from three million units in 2008.

They are also set to benefit from the exit of Hitachi and Fujitsu from the plasma market with specialist installers who prefer plasma over LCD set to move to either Panasonic or samsung for supply.

Despite its goal to increase plasma TV shipments, Samsung will not need to expand its PDP module capacity this year, as its existing capacity, including that from Samsung SDI, will be more than sufficient, to supply the anticipated growth.

“plasma is still the best for delivering high quality display and in the larger screen sizes we believe there is still a big market to serve with this technology” said a Samsung executive.

Dititimes wrote, Samsung Corning Precision Glass (SCP), may not have enough capacity to cater to Samsung’s increasing needs, the sources said. Samsung Corning, which also supplies PDP filters to Panasonic, the world’s number-one PDP TV vendor, has no plan to expand its PDP filter capacity because of the plasma market’s long-term outlook, the sources said. Shinan SNP, a Taiwan subsidiary of Korea-based SNP Lab, has reportedly started shipping PDP filters to Samsung in small volume, according to the sources.