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New 152″ 3D Panasonic Plasma Ideal For The Local Pub

New 152" 3D Panasonic Plasma Ideal For The Local Pub

Panasonic is set to show commercial and Government customers in Australia a new 152″ 3D Plasma TV which has a resolution of 4096 x 2160. This is the equivalent to nine 50″ TV’s. They are also set to launch their new 3D TV range in Australia later this month.
Designed for government and commercial applications, Panasonic’s trio of super-size plasma 3D displays also includes 103-inch and an 85-inch ┬ámodel. Unveiled at InfoComm 2010 in Las Vegas, the three new-format plasmas are designed for a variety of applications, including corporate environments, commercial applications, healthcare, home theaters, screening rooms, digital signage, education and entertainment staging.
Panasonic’s 3D high-speed drive and new motion prediction technologies eliminate crosstalk (ghosting) between left and right images to produce crisper images and about twice the tone gradation of conventional models the Company said.
The three displays also include video processing technology to allow for playback of images originally recorded in 24p, such as theatrical movies. This raises the video reproduction performance of the plasma display panels allowing for reproduction of content in either 3D or 2D formats.
Earlier this month, Panasonic created the Panasonic 3D Innovation Center, a contact point for clients working in the 3D business. Panasonic will use this center to develop closer relationships with customers to offer more compelling 3D technologies and services.