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Sharp Turns Smart TV Into Smartphone TV

The new Aquos L Series of internet-ready TVs will soon be released in Japan, with the main perk being its interaction with Sharp’s Android smartphones. With the upcoming ‘Smart Familink,’ data can be shared back and forth between Android devices and the TVs, streaming like Apple AirPlay. You can also control the TV through voice control via smartphone.

The catch is it has to be one of Sharp’s latest Aquos smartphones.

The TVs themselves come in four sizes, sporting Full HD LED backlit panels from 40 to 60 inches, and support 3D picture. The Quatron High Speed UVA Panels refresh at 240Hz and feature a 7,000,000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks versus bright whites. The series also comes with eight speakers inbuilt.

“The key is to create new value,” said Sharp’s AV general manager, Tsuneo Nakamura, as the company takes its new range up against the likes of Samsung and LG who currently have internet-enabled TVs on the market.

By doubling up on internet TV and connectivity beyond DLNA home networking, Sharp aims to strengthen its brand among the TV competition. Its Sharp product-specific marketing might not pull it through outside of Japan though, with officials acknowledging that Sharp would need to rethink its strategy if it was to promote its internet TVs globally, according to Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

While these TVs are yet to be anywhere near Australia, there is still hope for the Australian market. Sharp released three Aquos Phone models in Japan (where Sharp has a notable presence in the smartphone market, unlike its absence here) early last month, and now has plans to take the Aquos Phone to the global market.

This is the new smartphone that interacts with the upcoming Sharp TVs, allowing users to play video and audio files like MP4/3GP and 3D MPO files straight off their phone onto the TV screen.

The new TVs will start selling up to around 450,000 Japanese Yen, or over $5,000, in Japan next month. No details on it pushing outside the borders for now, but with Sharp’s phones confirmed to be moving overseas, the linking TVs could come too.

The closest model currently available in Australia is the LC60LE925X – a 60 inch 3D LED-backlit LCD screen with a 200Hz backlight scanning system that runs at $5,999.