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D-Link Launches World-First Wi-Fi 6 USB Adaptor

D-Link has unleashed two impressive Wi-Fi 6 devices: the world’s first Wi-Fi 6 USB 3.0 adaptor, and a new Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router.

The DWA-X1850 (above) plugs into any USB port, with speeds of up to 1200Mbps (5GHz) and 600Mbps (2.4GHz). It will convert any PC or laptop to Wi-Fi 6, for a fast and reliable connection.

It comes pre-loaded with an auto installation driver for Windows 10, and uses OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies to ensure an efficient connection.

The Adapter also features 128-bit WPA3 encryption for your peace of mind.

The DIR-X3260 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router offers lightning fast speeds — 2400Mbps on the 5GHz and 800Mbps on the 2.4GHz — giving a 25 per cent boost to devices, and giving more bandwidth for numerous devices with its 160MHz contiguous channel.

“We live in a world where more is now the norm for home and business networks,” explains D-Link A/NZ MD Graeme Reardon said.

“More devices, more bandwidth, more speed and more range. These new Wi-Fi 6 devices enable streamlined and seamless mesh connectivity with efficient AX performance that, put simply, give you more.”

Basically, if fast internet, unhampered by dead zones or lag for multiple devices is important to you, then you should consider upgrading to these D-Link products.

The DWA-X1850 and the DIR-X3260 are available now for RRP A$149.95 and A$349.95.

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