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D-Link Kicks Off Wi-Fi 6 Price War Two Thirds Cheaper Than Netgear

D-Link has taken it right up to Netgear by launching a new Dual Band Seamless Covr Mesh Wi-Fi 6 3 pack Wi Fi system and two extenders offering that is a third of the price of their archrival Netgear.

Currently the similar W6 Netgear Orbi 3 pack offering is being sold for $1,999 at retail stores in Australia, the new D Link Covr AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Systems consisting of the COVR-X1873 (3 -Pack) is set to retail for $549 some $1,450 cheaper than the Netgear offering.

The new D-Link Covr 2 pack extender offering is also significantly cheaper than the current Netgear offering, which is set to retail for $399, the similar Netgear 2 pack offering is retailing for $799 after originally being sold at $899.

Netgear have not commented on whether they will be forced to slash the price of their Orbi AX600 Wi Fi routers with the arrival of the new D-Link W6 range of products.

The new D-Link COVR AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Systems consists of the COVR-X1873 (3 -Pack), COVR-X1872 (2-Pack) and the COVR-X1870 (Individual Router / Add-On COVR Point).

Sarah Dalli Netgear’s Marketing Manager, ANZ has not explained why the Netgear offering is so expensive in Australia.

In the USA, the Orbi AX6000 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System (3-pack) is selling for $999 which is A$1,297, some $702 cheaper than the Australian recommended retail price of $1,999 set by Netgear.

Netgear Orbi W-6 Wi Fi router

Shortly ChannelNews will do a shootout between the two products with both high speed devices restricted by the maximum speeds of ther NBN network in Australia.

The COVR-X1873 is powered by three AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 COVR Points seamlessly working together and is described as the ideal solution for filling a medium to large sized home up to 740 square metres with complete Wi-Fi coverage.

The new W6 routers house the latest generation of wireless connectivity technology, with brands like Acer, Lenovo Samsung now building support into devices this year as a means of future-proofing their products.

The main objective with the launch of Wi-Fi 6 is to increase the performance and reliability of wireless connectivity at a network level, not necessarily on a single device or at a single access point.

Gaming machines and TV streaming will see wireless speed gains, but a lot of the new computational intelligence behind Wi-Fi 6 will be devoted to handling streaming to multiple gadgets at once this significantly improves distribution in a home

Key features of the COVR AX range
• Wi-Fi 6 technology provides faster speeds, greater capacity, and less network congestion
• Speeds up to 1.8 Gbps (574 + 1200) to cater for the needs of the modern smart home
• Coverage up to 740 sqm for the 3-Pack
• 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports provide optional wired connectivity (per unit)
• D-Link Wi-Fi Mesh offers one unified network experiences that auto connects you to the strongest signal
• OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology communicate more data to more devices while simultaneously reducing latency
• BSS colouring helps organise data packets, making your network more efficient and improving Wi-Fi 6 performance
• Increased battery life of connected devices with Target Wake Time (TWT) technology
• Supports the latest WPA3™ encryption
• Built-in Speedtest® powered by Ookla®
• Voice Control for an even easier home Wi-Fi networking experience

COVR-X1873 (3-Pack) – AUD$549.95, NZ$599.99
COVR-X1872 (2-Pack) – AUD399.95, NZ$499.99
COVR-X1870 (Router/ Add-On Point) – AUD$249.95, NZ$279.99

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