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Customise Your License Plate On The Fly

After 125-years of the same old piece of stamped metal, a Californian based company is looking to transform license plates into customisable multi-functional digital displays.

From a company called Reviver, the Rplate is a device that uses e-ink technology allowing users to completely customise the look and feel of their license plate, except, of course, changing the rego number.

Expected to cost US$349.95 for the ESSENTIAL model with the PRO Rplate costing US$499.95.

In NSW, registration costs for a standard license plate are A$47, with personalised plates starting at a cost of A$94, with a single-digit plate costing A$10,385.

For custom plates, Aussie drivers can pay an annual fee of $109 on myplates.com.au.

In addition, users will also be required to pay a monthly fee of US$2.99 or $6.99, which will cover the cost of ongoing data use through the companion app.

Reviver is looking to replace toll road tags with the electronic license plate, with the platform already offering a range of security features plus automatic car registration.

Customisation options include adding banner lines (above or below rego), adjusting background and font colours, image backgrounds, as well as adding in shading for gradient effects.

Support for emoji’s, emergency alerts and parking payments are also on the horizon.

For now, the 4G connected device can track your location, mileage and usage, with geofencing capabilities as well, just in case the kids take the BMW for a joyride.

A list of current and future features is listed below.


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