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Crims Chuckle As Toll Reveals 200GB Of Data Now Missing

SYDNEY: The luckless Toll Group – still looking to recover from its second attack and pilfering of large amounts of corporate data in under a month – may have lost more than 200 gigabytes of valuable corporate data to the latest attackers, according to widespread reports.

 The new crowd of attackers last week published a file listing some of the documents it stole from Toll resources – and worryingly described their attack as ”Part One”.

 The attackers were more-than-somewhat gleeful over their success, noting that “Toll Group may have lost over 200GB of corporate data to the Nefilim attackers, who have now started to dump it onto the Web.”

 According to some reports, the latest attackers were able to make use of a “backdoor” set up by the earlier group, and which was either not found or not taken down by Toll.

 “A major company being hit by two different ransomware groups within a relatively short space of time is highly unusual; but not without precedent,” threat analyst Brett Callow, told ITNews. “This is one of the reasons that we strongly recommend that companies completely rebuild their networks post-incident”.

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