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NBN Usage Jumps, Rollout Nears End On Work-From-Home

CANBERRA: More than seven million Australians are now connected to the NBN – and usage has jumped significantly, apparently due to the Covid 19 situation, which has sent many to work from home – but the usual office gossip isn’t instantly at hand.

The jump in subscriber numbers follows a boost to network capacity organised by NBN Co in response to the situation. This saw 455,000 new services connected.

 The latest wholesale market indicators report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), published yesterday, shows that average use by NBN users in the latest quarter jumped from 1.92 to 2.52Mbps during the march quarter, as the move to working from home took hold.

 The ACCC notes that, during the quarter, Australia’s smaller retail service providers (RSPs) boosted their share of the NBN market from 7.5 to 8.1 percent.

 Telstra was the No. 1 wholesale provider, accounting for 47.6pc of the action, followed by David Teoh’s TPG outfit on 22 percent, Optus with 15.5pc and Vocus on 7.1pc.

 The figures indicate that Australians are now happy to pay more for faster connections, with those on connections at 50Mbps or above comprising 65.4 percent of NBN services. And 100Mbps plans were taken up by 8.6 percent of all services.

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