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COMMENT:The ABC Wants The COVID-19 App To Fail, Links With Get Up Exposed

More than 4.9 million Australians have downloaded the CovidSafe app and downloads are rising, much to the angst of several journalists including those at the ABC and the likes of Get Up and employees of the left wing Victorian Government Health department who are hoping that the Governments attempts to manage the spread using an app fails not for health or safety reasons but their beat up ill-informed vengeful claims about security.

What is clear is that the modes operandi at the ABC who are being cheered on by the likes of Get Up is to put hurdles in the way of the app roll out, while also using so called ‘experts’ to publish disinformation about the COVID-19 app which every Australian should be forced to download if they want to return to riding public transport or working in an office alongside other people who could have come into contact with a carrier of COVID-19.

The target is 10 million and as soon as this target is reached the Federal Government is set to relax restrictions further.

Opponents of the app include Victoria’s Deputy Chief Health Officer who has been counselled on her use of social media and removed her Twitter account from her taxpayer-funded phone, after last week likening Captain Cook to COVID-19 in a tweet.

However, Annaliese van Diemen’s Twitter account — including the Captain Cook tweet and numerous politically partisan and controversial tweets — remains online and she still has a job in part because of the support of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews or should we call him Comrade Andrews.

I have worked around technology for 40 years and there is no security risk with this app, in fact I believe that every business should only be allowed to reopen if all their staff have downloaded the COVID-19 Federal Government management app.

Earlier today NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian urged NSW residents to download the contract tracing app this morning.

“I’m someone who is very careful, I’ve got a lot of important people who are contacts in my phone who I wouldn’t want to share with anybody, but I am very comfortable with the CovidSafe app,” she said.

Former Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens claimed earlier today that the real economy is suffering more than it did during the financial crisis and Australia needs to get back to work to pay off its ballooning debt, he is arguing against a protracted shutdown that would imperil the fiscal position.

He said that right now household incomes and businesses are relying on the support of the government, which is borrowing heavily to finance the fiscal lifeline.

Many believe that the app which has been criticised over phantom claims that it is a security risk will expose information to Federal and State Government.

The conspiracy theorists have not delivered one piece of evidence to support their claims.

The so called ABC Investigation team who are well known for manipulating stories to suite the political leaning of the ABC left Wing Green Party, claimed recently that Federal Government insiders and technology industry players have raised alarms about the Federal Government’s new COVID-19 tracing app, after a contract for its data storage went offshore to US retail and technology giant Amazon.

Really this is the same Amazon Web Services that supplies backend storage for some of Australia’s biggest banks, retailers, large Corporations and Federal Government departments. I don’t hear the said ABC staff complaining about the risk to Corporations or their own banking information.

The ABC went on to bleat that bureaucrats inside the Government’s Digital Transformation Agency voiced concerns about the awarding of the contract to an overseas provider when several wholly Australian-owned cloud storage services had been security vetted for precisely such high-level contracts.

Then there is the issue of ABC health broadcaster Norman Swan who was accused of a “conflict of interest” for criticising Scott Morrison’s coronavirus strategy while a company on which he sat as a board director was bidding to win the contract for a lucrative government-funded COVID-19 media campaign to educate GPs across the country.

Federal Liberal MP Mr Kelly said it was disappointing Dr Swan had been making “alarmist predictions” which have since been proven to be totally wrong, about coronavirus as an employee of the taxpayer-funded ABC, and seeking more taxpayer money from COVID-19-related government contracts to advise the medical profession.

The link between Get Up the group that came unstuck trying to manipulate the last General Election that saw the Labor Party lose the “unlosable Election” and the ABC became clearer today when a report by activist group Get Up and think tank PerCapita indicated that the ABC had lost $783 million in funding to its annual billion dollar plus budget since the coalition came to power in 2014 and called for a $100 million cash injection.

The ABC that became the voice piece and almost PR Company for Get Up during the last election campaign responded as one would expect.

Media Watch presenter Paul Barry who is well known for his bias views, journalist Ellen Fanning and presenter Adam Spencer tweeted: “My bias on this subject is, I am sure, self-evident. But this is a national f***ing disgrace.”

Evan Mulholland, communications director at free market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs, said it was extraordinary for ABC staffers to complain about cuts during the coronavirus crisis.

“This is such an ABC bubble issue,” he said. “The ABC has been shielded from what private media are going through, which have been shedding cash and jobs at great pace.

The ABC a big fat Government funded organisation that has made no job cuts similar to what other media Companies are having to do due to COVID-19. There are no short weeks 20% pay cuts.

Mulholland said, “Those suffering job losses and having their hours cut would be rightly appalled at the selfish grandstanding on display by ABC staffers who have been unaffected by the lockdown.”

He said a poll released by the IPA recently found that “only 32 per cent of Australians believe the ABC represents the views of ordinary Australians, yet 100 per cent of Australians are forced to fund it.”

ABC journalist Quentin Dempster joined those within the ABC calling for it to be protected. “We need a strong and independent public broadcaster to hold authority to account without fear or favour,” he said.

Dempster who was dumped from the ABC after his Friday night State show was axed is a vocal left-wing activist who supports the GetUp call for the Government to pump $100 million into the broadcaster.

The emergence of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our economy and if the ABC was genuine about wanting to get additional funding they lean that balanced journalism would win them a lot more support than being a mouthpiece for the Greens, Get Up and the Labor Party.

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