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Cisco Tosses Hat In 5G Ring

Cisco Systems is using the Mobile World Congress here to announce that it aims to disrupt the 5G wireless radio access market led by Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia by backing challengers who make more flexible software versions of traditional mobile gear.

The company says it’s seeking to prove to mobile network operators that investing in modern infrastructure and automation tools can help them cope with increased data demands, while lowering costs.

Ray Mota, an industry analyst at ACG Research, said Cisco is looking to convince operators to spend more on what he called “precursors to 5G”, which solve pressing network issues but won’t need to be replaced once 5G rolls out in earnest.

Ovum, another research outfit, said Cisco’s message was that “an operator can deliver much of the functionality of 5G, with up to 85 percent of its features, today.”

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