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Chrysler Pulls Out Of Aussie Market, Leaving EV-Sized Gap

If you need to buy a V8 for under $100,000, you’d better do it before the end of the year, as that’s when Chrysler will pull out of the Australian market.

Chrysler currently sells the only sub-100K V8 in Australia, the 6.4L 300 SRT, with only 30 still available in the country. It is the only Chrysler model sold in the country, with Australia the only right-hand steering country they manufactured for.

With the rise of EVs only going to accelerate, the move makes sense.

“Chrysler has held a special place in the heart of many Australians and we are proud of its history here” Kevin Flynn, Fiat Chrysler Australia managing director, said, adding that Chrysler is one of the costs of “the global push towards electrification and focus on SUVs”.

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