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Chinese Court Admits iPhone Isn’t A Knock-Off

A Chinese court has overturned a local ban on the sale of the iPhone 6 and 6S over accusations that Apple’s device infringed upon the design patents of the locally-sourced 100c smartphone.

According to the ruling, regulators issued the ban without real proof of wrongdoing and the iPhone has traits that “completely change the effect” of its design versus that of its Chinese counterpart.

With the any impacts of the earlier ruling minimized by the detail that Apple’s refusal to stop selling the iPhone 6 and 6S until the dispute process resolved itself, the biggest outcome here is that it sets a precedent that could ward off any similar legal challenges to future Apple devices.

During the legal battle, Apple made an unsuccessful attempt to strip 100c-vendor Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services of its design patents for 100c phones.

Representatives of Beijing Intellectual Property Office and Shenzhen Baili told Chinese news vendor Xinhua that they would take time to decide whether to appeal the ruling.

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