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Aldi Rebrands

Aldi is set to undertake a global rebranding later this year, including the company’s first logo refresh in 11 years.

The German company first revealed its new logo, which features familiar colours but with a new curved ‘A’ and a new font, on its Chinese website. It will then roll out to countries managed by the Aldi Süd group, including Australia, the US and the UK, later this year.

According to a former Aldi executive quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald, Aldi conducts a brand refresh every seven years “in line with the changes in society habits, health knowledge and opportunity.”

History of the Aldi logo

The new logo will mark the first major rebranding since Aldi launched in Australia in 2001.

Last week, research from Roy Morgan also found that Aldi had the most-read catalogue among the major Australian supermarkets. Over an average week last year, 5.1 million Australians aged 14+ read or looked into an Aldi catalogue, ahead of 4.9 million for Coles and 4.8 million for Woolworths.

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