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iPhone 15 Spikes In Demand After Upgrades

Apple Inc.’s basic iPhone 15 model may have doubled in wait time for delivery this year, but the model’s popularity is surging.

According to Counterpoint Research data, U.S. buyers are having to wait for ten days for the basic model, up from six days for the last generation device released in the previous year.

The pre-order waiting times for Apple’s premium iPhone 15 Pro Max have risen to a new record.

Bloomberg suggests substantial upgrades to the basic and Pro Max models pushed demand higher, while the 15 Plus and 15 Pro have a lesser demand with reduced wait times.

China continues to be a massive market for Apple, and the country saw delay times for the basic version increase fourfold over 2022, Counterpoint said.

The new data and delay times in China point to Apple enticing consumers even with the growing competition of rival phones such as Huawei Technologies Co.’s hyped up Mate 60 Pro.

“We were expecting the base model iPhone 15 wait times in China to come in a lot lower – maybe on par with last year,” said Archie Zhang, an analyst at Counterpoint.

“And as far as ultra-premium is concerned, the Pro Max is still the most coveted iPhone in China with long delivery wait times reflecting this.”

According to researchers, the prolonged delay has not yet meant an uptick in resale prices and scalper prices in China are still only getting ordinary premiums.

Bloomberg says that this may imply demand is being pushed maybe partially by consumers trading in devices.

“In a year marked by declining smartphone demand, the trade-in program is expected to play a pivotal role in reducing psychological barriers for those contemplating a new phone purchase,” said Counterpoint’s Ivan Lam. “It’s becoming an increasingly vital contributor to Apple’s market dominance.”

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