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ChannelNews Surges As COVID Lockdowns Kick In

As Victoria goes into lockdown and the lockdowns in Sydney are extended traffic to ChannelNews has surged.

Back in in June ChannelNews did over 340,000 visits from 259,000 unique visitors, Vs 87,000 unique visitors for Tech Guide, 73,000 Unique visitors at EFTM and 141,000 at GadgetGuy.

The research is based on SemRush.com traffic analysis.

Appliance Retailer did 14,600 Unique visitors for the month with ChannelNews now averaging more than 30,000 unique visitors a day as demand for information surges during COVID lock downs.

In the trade market ChannelNews was clearly the #1 web site with CRN only delivering 90,000 Unique visitors for the month and ArnNet 113,000 Unique visitors.

Currently ChannelNews is averaging over 15 new stories a day.

In the SmartHouse consumer market the SmartHouse and Plug digital Magazines are delivering over 500,000 downloads over a two and sometimes three-month period.

Live on the JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys web sites these two sites between them are delivering over 30 million visits a month from over 14 million unique visitors a month. The digital magazines are also live on the SmartHouse and ChannelNews web sites.

See chart below.

Some days in July we have achieved over 40,000 Unique visitors a day as IT, CE and Appliance industry executives search for new information.

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