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CES 2022: LG’s First MicroLED TVs To Ship “Later This Year”

Just as it looks like Samsung will be joining LG, and over 20 other manufacturers, in its forthcoming release of an OLED TV, LG are taking cues from Samsung, and releasing its first MicroLED TVs, which it promised will ship “later this year.”

The announcement was made at this year’s CES conference, with Samsung explaining how the modular design of the displays mean it can be used on screens of any size or shape.

Samsung showed a 136-inch 4K HDR MicroLED model during its CES presentation.

Much like LG’s own OLED technology, MicroLED is self-emissive, with micrometre-sized lights removing any backlight and colour filter issues.

At the moment, this technology is prohibitively expensive. Samsung’s 110-inch model sold for over A$200,000 last year, which means this is purely in the realms of the rich.

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