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CES 2022: As Samsung Spruik Sustainabilty, House Of Marley Show How It Should Be Done

Sustainability was a key issue at CES 2022. Samsung used their keynote to spruik sustainability in manufacturing and packaging, but as they were pushing their latest corporate message the House of Marley, who have been manufacturing sustainable products since 2008, was showing their latest products made from bamboo wood, recycled metals and plastic bottles.

Recently, the House of Marley underwent a major restructure with the introduction of new management who are set to take advantage of the sustainability track record of the Company.

Worldwide, Australia is one of their most successful markets, with products due to be released in the US already on sale locally.

Their 2022 range, which includes new buds, turntables, speakers and a new range of cables and wireless chargers, which ChannelNews was exclusively exposed to, is a big step up from last year’s range and is a formidible example of what can be done with sustainable materials today, according to management.

Cabling made from hemp, and a record player made from bamboo wood along with an affordable premium range of buds, were just some of the 2022 products that revealed the lengths this Company has gone to deliver sustainable products that look and sound good.

For me, the difference was significantly noticeable when management showed a slide of their competitors’ products which are made from plastics and metal, including products from the likes of Bose, JBL and LG alongside new House of Marley products.

Erik Tarkiainen, a former senior marketing executive at Harman-owned JBL, who joined the House of Marley as global marketing director, described the Company as a “breath of fresh air”.

“They have heritage and pedigree, and they take sustainability serious”.

He outlined the history of legendary musician Bob Marley, who would have been at home in Byron Bay and the hippie communes.

A rebel with a cause, he believed in sustainability. Now his son Rowan, a key part of House of Marley, is taking the business along with the new management team, in a new direction with a range of products which at this stage we cannot reveal that are both premium and affordable.

Research coming out of CES 2022 reveal that millennials are prepared to pay more for products that are manufactured from sustainable products.

A recent Green Plant Survey showed that overall, 71% of consumers are today concerned about the planet and the use of materials in products and above all how they are manufactured.

At House of Marley, their research and development teams are constantly on the lookout for new sustainable materials.

They have already mastered the bonding of Bamboo timber and the use of recycled metals, cork, hemp fabrics and organic cotton used to deliver a new generation of audio products where the sound is as good as the design.

“When I came over from JBL I was amazed at what the House of Marley was already delivering. We just need to get the message out, about the Company and it’s products and their deep-rooted attitude to delivering high quality audio products that are manufactured using sustainable materials.”

“We are set to launch new marketing campaigns and instore merchandisers,” claims Tarkiainen, revealing the lengths House Of Marley go to.

One large US retailer told ChannelNews, “What House of Marley are delivering is what consumers want today. The pricing is right, not cheap but not expensive.”

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