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CES 2020: Sony’s Surprise Prototype Car Cashing In On Future

At CES in Las Vegas, Sony unveiled their futuristic prototype car, the Vision-S.

The Vision-S comes packed with sensors on the vehicle for monitoring its passengers and surroundings, an impressive infotainment system with spatial audio and the ability to detect the driver’s alertness level.

But despite the impressive development, the Vision-S bridges the worlds of safety and technology – it’s a prototype with features geared towards safety, comfort and entertainment.

(The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images)

The vehicle is fitted with 33 sensors located on the interior and exterior to provide driving assistance and monitoring its surroundings. The cameras can also, for example, alert the driver about a nearby pedestrian even before he or she is visible, according to the company.

Sony’s spatial audio system will also be installed in each individual seat inside the car to ensure the best listening experience for everyone inside the vehicle, with evenly distributed soundwaves.

The car will also be fitted with a giant panoramic screen for access to the infotainment system and passenger viewing. A TV will also replace the traditional dashboard.


Sony’s announcement for the Vision-S marked their expansion into the automotive space for the company, which is known for their deep roots in the entertainment and consumer electronics industries.

But most importantly, it’s further evidence that tech companies are flocking to the industry to determine the future of cars and to cash in on what could potentially be the next wave of computing.

One explanation of this trend could be attributed to the fact that cars are now increasingly rely on self-driving car technology and artificial intelligence.


It suggests that carmakers and global tech giants are thinking about a future where cars are no longer controlled by human – and they’re already competing for your attention.

It comes after the company announced in 2018 it was commercialising its imaging sensors for car use as well.

Sony is hoping to test the Vision-S on roads later this year.


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