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CES 2020: Smartest Connected Doggy Door Yet

CES 2020 has seen the world’s most impressive technological developments from across the globe – the latest being an app-controlled, motion detected doggy door.

Pet owners consider their dogs as a part of the family, constantly looking for ways to improve the freedom and independence of their pets at home. Doggy doors can be difficult to install, but adds the benefit of allowing your dog to come and go whenever best suits them.

It also removes the stress from owners of having to worry about letting their dogs outside for a toilet break.

But the latest product is yet another improvement on the benefits of the traditional dog door. The Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door Opener has given consumers and pet-owners a convenient and hassle-free alternative – by developing an app-controlled and motion detected product that can be fitted to any glass sliding door, enabling owners to open and close the door remotely.

There are two ways to operate the door – remotely by the mobile phone app which is sent notifications when sensors detect your dog at the door, or an automated system that enables the door to open when sensors detect the dog without the permission from the owner.

The latest technological development for dog doors has also improved home security by no longer leaving houses vulnerable to break and enters or adverse weather conditions leaking into the home.

The Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door Opener will be available for USD $399 (AUD $575) and can be reserved through Wazyn.

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