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CES 2020: Samsung’s Invisible AI Keyboard Wows Crowds

Samsung is currently in the works for a ‘magical’ invisible keyboard for your smartphone – dubbed the ‘SelfieType’.

Samsung, through their C-Lab initiative – which provides employees up to a year to work on research projects that could be released onto the market – displayed SelfieType at CES 2020.

The invisible keyboard uses the phones front camera to create the invisible keyboard, which users would type on.

It works by combining Artificial Intelligence with the phones front camera to map users’ finger joints and translate their movements into keystrokes, projected onto an ‘invisible’ keyboard.

But this isn’t the first virtual keyboard to come into existence – other tech companies have tried to develop similar programs but never succeeded. Virtual keyboards were deemed unreliable to work accurately and efficiently.

SelfieType has stood out against previous failed attempts by anaylsing finger joint movements, instead of where fingers touch surfaces.

Samsung executive vice president and chief research scientist of Samsung Research Sebastian Seung. (EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT)

Won Chun, a C-Lab researcher involved in SelfieType, said the challenge lied in getting more data, as the algorithms that analyse joint movements will be more effective, accurate and versatile.

Samsung has not commented on when or if SelfieType will be available for retail.

The Samsung stand inside the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). (Martyn Landi/PA Wire)
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