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CES 2020: Reverse Microwave Cools Beer Faster Than You Skull One

The next stage in cooling technology may hit stores this year with Californian start-up company unveiling the Juno ‘reverse microwave’ capable of rapidly chilling a bottle of beer in just 1 minute.

Showcased at CES 2020, and currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for an early bird price of A$290, the Juno will retail for A$582 when it ships in Q3 2020.

Beyond just chilling alcohol, the Juno is capable of icing your coffee, turning a hot cuppa into iced tea and making your next can of soda ice cold.

According to Forbes writer Pete Pachal, the Juno is ‘the holy grail of consumer refrigeration’.

Designed for your kitchen countertop, the Juno works like a traditional wine cooler, with an insulated container where you place your drink of choice into.

Sporting a universal design, the Juno can accommodate drinks as large as a bottle of champagne, right down to a small can of coke.

An LED status bar on the outside will visually notify you when your drink has been cooled down, with no downtime between cooling.

Three programmable buttons on the outside come present for perfect wine temperature, which can then be customised to your preferred level.

The MATRIX-powered thermoelectric cooling engine works by rapidly spinning chilled water around the beverage to quickly lower its temperature.

A water-release valve allows users to replace the water if desired.

The main benefit of this device, other than rapid beverage cooling, is that the device does not use traditional refrigerants like Freon, reducing risk of dangerous chemicals leaking into the environment.

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