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CES 2020: Netgear Launch 4G and WiFi 6 Mesh Systems

Netgear has unveiled two new products in their lineup of internet network systems with the launch of the 4G LTE Orbi Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi router and the new Nighthawk Mesh Wi-Fi 6 system.

The new 4G LTE Orbi Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi router system will be available in Australia in Q3 of 2020, with pricing to be announced closer to release.

The new Nighthawk system will begin arriving from Q2 to Q3, with pricing also to be announced close to release.

Designed to counter poor internet services in Australia rural areas, David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home Products for NETGEAR is looking to solve this issue with improving Wi-Fi coverage from inside the home.

The router is capable of covering an area of 185 square meters, which can be extended by pairing a mesh satellite.

Able to be combined with an existing wired service, the Orbi 4G Wi-Fi Router will takeover your internet connection if the network is slow or unavailable.

Capable of achieving speeds of up to 1.2Gbps over 4G LTE, capable of supporting 4K streaming and online gaming anywhere in the home.

Controlled entirely within the Orbi app, users can access parental controls and NETGEAR’s cybersecurity solution called Armor.

Netgear is also leading the way when it comes to Wi-Fi 6, announcing the introduction of the Nighthawk Mesh System.

Going beyond the standards of Wi-Fi 5, and mobile broadband, the Wi-Fi 6 compatible Nighthawk Mesh System brings the experience of reliable and flexible Wi-Fi coverage with specific features such as Dynamic QoS.

The Dynamic QoS feature automatically prioritises network traffic for both streaming and online gaming.

Netgear is also teasing over-the-air updates for the system, making it a more robust and adaptable system.

The system supports up to 1.8Gbps over dual-band Wi-Fi.

Dead spots in the household are easily eliminated by adding satellites, with setup easily configured through the companion Nighthawk app on iOS and Android.

The entire Nighthawk lineup includes the AX6 AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 6-Stream Router (RAX50), with a 1.5GHz Triple-Core processor engineered to deliver up to four times the data capacity over previous standards.

To extend the Wi-Fi signal, you can add an AX1800 4-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Extender (EAX20), which are backwards compatible with the previous generation Netgear routers.