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CES 2020: Eco-Friendly, Single-Use Portable Battery

PawaMini has introduced a portable, biodegradable and waterproof pocket-sized battery at CES 2020.

The device holds 1800mAh charge, which equates to approximately half a smartphones battery power. It’s expected the product will be stocked in petrol stations, supermarkets and vending machines.

It’s also eco-friendly – which is important for a single-use product – having a biodegradable shell that will do less harm to the environment than traditional single-use products.

Small enough to fit in your pocket and waterproof, the PawaMini is a suitable back-up security measure for traveling and camping.

The battery is compatible with iOS and Android Micro USB devices and has a three-year shelf life.

The PawaMini is available to purchase for US $5.