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CES 2019: TCL To Reveal New Alcatel & Blackberry Devices

TCL is set debut a new Alcatel smartphones at CES 2019, including one with an edge-to-edge “Full View” display. This is the Company that in 2018 sold close to one million smartphones in Australia elevating them into a clear #3 slot in the market.

Ironically Roy Morgan research who tout themselves as a leading consumer research Company has apparently never heard of the brand after they recently delivered questionable research that tried to push Huawei and Oppo smartphones into leading positions in the smartphone market despite both brands struggling to deliver 30% of the units that Alcatel delivered last year.

The company will also have the BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE for attendees to view at the show.

TCL Communication’s displays for its TVs and smartphones are manufactured by its sister company, CSOT, and it’s this partnership the company intends to highlight during CES.

Peter Lee, general manager of global sales and marketing: “At TCL Communication, we continue to push the evolution of our mobile and Internet products, and while our Alcatel and BlackBerry devices at CES will show what we can deliver today, it’s what we are debuting in our new display technology that proves what we will deliver in the future.”

In Australia TCL has taken to discounting out their TV’s to get sales with JB Hi Fi selling a 55″ OLED TV for as low as $1,996.

TCL can be found at booth 12929 in the Central Hall of the LVCC during CES.