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CES 2019: Samsung Takes On Acer & Alienware Gaming Laptops

Ahead of their CES 2019 press conference, Samsung threw their hat in the gaming laptop ring — for the first time in a long time — with the latest addition to their Odyssey gaming laptop line, which could be a contender for Acer and Alienware.

The new Notebook Odyssey takes the takes the foundations of the Odyssey gaming line and improves the interiors making it  the most powerful gaming laptop to come out of the Korean company yet and is a sure sign that they are taking PC gaming more seriously than before.

Samsung is supercharging this new gaming laptop with the recently announced Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card, 8th-gen hexa-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and space for 256GB NVMe SSD and 1TB HDD, which can be replaced if you run out of space.

Featuring a 15.6-inch 1080p FHD display with a 144Hz refresh rate and Nvidia G-Sync support that promises a “deep, interactive gaming experience” with “crystal clear picture” framed with a thin bezel.

In order to keep the machine cool as your opponents get fragged, Samsung is employing a new “penta-pipe” cooling system in the Notebook Odyssey as well, which uses two Jet Blade fans with 83 blades each to cool the machine to ensure a smooth and fast operation.

The new Notebook Odyssey employs a similar look to other gaming laptops — black colour with a bright colourful keyboard — however its striking centred hinge will undoubtedly turn a few heads.

Unlike their other sleek products, like many other gaming laptops, the Notebook Odyssey is chunky, weighing in at 2.4kg, with numerous ports on its edges including a USB-C port, as well as three USB-A ports, ethernet port, and one HDMI port.

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey will be in early 2019 in the US, later expanding to Korea, China, and other select regions. However, it will not be coming to Australia, as Samsung do not sell their PCs locally. No pricing released at the time of writing.

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