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CES 2019: D-Link, First A 5G Gateway, Now Indoor/Outdoor Smart Plugs

D-Link has introduced new Wi-Fi smart plugs at CES 2019 for both indoor and outdoor use, the move is set to appeal to retailers who are keen to sell a branded range of connectivity devices from one well known network manufacturer.

The new range includes includes both Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug delivering connectivity, that in the past was difficult.

The new devices deliver unattainable connectivity to any device that plugs into an outlet.

According to D-Link, the plugs can integrate into mydlink, the company’s ecosystem for connected devices that allows you to control devices remotely from your phone.

The plugs connect to your Wi-Fi network rather than a central hub so as long as your home network is online you’ll be able to communicate with your plugs and other devices.

Through the mydlink app, you can set up all sorts of automated processes.

You can switch the plugs on and off remotely, or you can schedule times for the plugs to activate.

It’s an effective way to control your devices and minimize power costs by turning off your devices when you aren’t using them. Even if you forget to flip the switch yourself, just turn it off from your phone or set up a time for it to shut down when you know you won’t be using it.

In addition to the smart plugs, D-Link is also rolling out a Wi-Fi Water Sensor which is set to be ideal in Australia with water costs tipped to rise.

Designed to stay connected via mydlink, the sensor keeps a close eye on your water and prevents against any potential leaks.

It runs on batteries so it can be placed just about anywhere, including under a water heater, the sink, or alongside pipes that would otherwise be hard to monitor.

“The new integrations provide a versatile set of options for those with mydlink compatible products,” said Oscar Reyes, vice president of marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc. “With the new enhancements, it will be easier for people to connect their smart home by adding automation and additional security.”

The Wi-Fi Water Sensor will be available from D-Link starting during the first quarter of 2019. Both the indoor and outdoor smart plugs will be available during the second quarter of 2019, but no price has been announced.

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