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CES 2017: Dell Brings High Quality Sound To All-In-One PC

Dell is attempting to set themselves apart in the All-In-One market by focusing on high-quality sound in the new Precision 27 AIO.

Featuring 10 speakers with 50W of power per channel, the Precision 27 AIO was created in collaboration with Jack Joseph Puig, a Grammy award winning producer. Among the speakers are six mounted directly below the display, two down-firing speakers and two passive radiators.

Other features haven’t been abandoned, with the PC featuring a 4K Ultra HD edge-to-edge touch display. A wide range of customisable options are available for the All-In-One, with choices between Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors, AMD Radeon Pro graphics and various memory and hard drive configurations.

The Dell Precision AIO (5720) will be available from April 6 on Dell.com.au, with pricing yet to be confirmed.

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