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CES 2016 Was The Biggest Ever

If you thought CES 2016 was a bitch getting around you were right with organisers confirming it was the “biggest ever”.

Attendance at CES 2016 reached a new record with final, audited numbers confirming that 177,393 people attended the Jan. 6-9 show, marking less than 1 percent growth vs. CES 2015. CTA sought to cap attendance around 176,000 and keep it in line with the 176,676 attendance figure of CES 2015.

“Attracting more than 177,000 attendees is quite a remarkable achievement, and our strong international attendance clearly confirms our show’s status as the global technology event” said Karen Chupka, senior VP, CES and corporate business strategy, CTA. “We also are extremely pleased to see that the new enhanced credentialing procedures we implemented for 2016 enabled us to deliver a high-quality audience.”

“As the consumer technology industry has grown and expanded to embrace new market sectors and industries, so too has CES. Participants now include representatives from a growing number of global industries beyond the traditionally defined consumer technology sector,” said Gary Shapiro, CTA president and CEO. “CES 2016 was a phenomenal event that served as a global epicenter for product launches and business deals. The audit confirms that CES continues to feature exhibitors who bring the hottest tech trends to market that are changing our world and attracts top media to cover the excitement.”

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