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CEO Of Computer Retailer Owns Military Style Compound Close To QLD Doomsday Shooters Of Cops

The CEO of a computer retailer has been identified as the owner of a high-fortress, intense-security, military-style camp, complete with 360-degree cameras and pitbull guard dogs, that was found hidden in a Queensland forest, close to the site of doomsday cultists who last month shot three people dead including two police officers in Queensland.

20 minutes from the site of the deadly shootout, where Stacey, Nathaniel and Gareth Train ambushed and killed constables Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold, the site is now under investigation by Queensland Police and Australian Federal intelligence services after the Daily Mail alerted them to its existence.

The site is registered to Jessee Wood, the CEO of Queensland-based computer retailer Kiwi Guy Computers. (See site here).

After the Daily Mail identified the military-style site, he was interviewed by police and detectives.

The address given for the KiwiGuy Computer Parts & Repairs business is Harvest Place, Unit 3/471 Tufnell Road, Banyo QLD 4014.

Other businesses owned by Woods include, Kiwi Guy Enterprises, Kiwi Guy Computers, Hydra Corp Industries, and 420 Fanatics.

According to locals, Woods would drive around the local community in an army-style truck complete with camouflage clothing.

Australian Securities & Investment Commission records show the latest registration for the business was 01/08/2022.

The business was initially registered on 30/10/1999 and then cancelled.

The military-style structure owned by Woods, in Queensland’s Condamine State Forest, also has army-style dongas and camouflage-hidden huts as well as high security fencing.

The camp also has pretend roads, with street signs saying “Pioneers” and “First” roads on one of the poles capped with surveillance cameras, according to the Daily Mail.

New Zealand and Australian flags fly from a pole above the row of army dongas which, a manager on the property told DMA, was “to accommodate workers”.

Jessee Wood apparently bought the 100 hectare space as a vacant bush block early last year, and within weeks the so-called “training camp” started to appear. He had no planning permission for the camp.

Local residents say the rapid development and its apparent secrecy set off alarm bells.

The local Western Downs Regional Council claims it “is aware of the structures currently located on the site and is in discussion with the landowner about their future use”.

When the Daily Mail stopped at the South Road property to inquire about its purpose, a man with a large pitbull dog on a leash emerged to say the army dongas were “staff accommodation” and that the business was “security”.

Apparently the New Zealand-born Woods bought the property last February for $150,000, and according to his Facebook profile he is the CEO of Kiwi Guy Enterprises, Kiwi Guy Computers, Hydra Corp Industries and 420 Fanatics, which has a cannabis leaf logo and whose Brisbane shop said it sold tobacco-related products.

On his Facebook page, Mr Wood has posted an image of Alan Dare, the neighbour killed by the Trains when he went to investigate the scene, and the Queensland Police emblem with its motto “With honour we serve”.

In another post, from 2020, Mr Wood featured a hand-drawn Viking-style depiction of a Norse axeman cutting down Englishmen in the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, when King Harald of Norway sought to seize the English throne.

Writing, “I’m getting tired,” Mr Wood’s post attracted comments of support encouraging him to keep on fighting, including one saying “Keep fighting for your future my dude. You got this.”

See Daily Mail story here.