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Lame Apple Advertising Account Up For Grabs, Mojo Injection From Beats Boss Tipped

Lame Apple Advertising Account Up For Grabs, Mojo Injection From Beats Boss Tipped

The brand which has been a long time account (30 years) t at TBWA’s Media Arts Lab is worth millions but many internally at Apple including Philip Schiller Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing believes that their advertising is “stale”. 

Schiller, who has been fending off criticism from even Apple board members, came close to firing TWBA over lame ads last year.

An e-mail from early 2013 that came to light as part of a Samsung lawsuit included an embarrassing note to the agency: “I now have Apple board members asking ‘what is going on with advertising and what are you going to do to fix it?'” wrote Schiller.

New York’s Maddison Avenue believes that music maestro Jimmy Iovine, the boss of the recently Beats headphones and its sister music-streaming service will help Apple regain its marketing mojo.

 Beats brand, which was acquired for $3 billion, outmanoeuvred official World Cup sponsor Sony with its “Game Before the Game” ad campaign. 

So many soccer stars sported Beats that Sony had them banned from World Cup events. 

“Apple bought Beats for a lot of reasons,” said one new business executive at a top agency. “They think they’re marketing geniuses. It is safe to assume Beats would be part of an assessment of all [Apple] partners.”

Although Apple hasn’t announced that they have called a formal review, critics say such a move can’t come soon enough for the iPhone maker.

Smartphone rival Samsung, which turned up the heat last year by lampooning Apple in a series of clever ads, is back with another mocking campaign. This one shows iPhone users huddled around power outlets trying to charge up their devices while Samsung users go by on their merry way.

The earlier campaign had people laughing at those lining up for the latest iPhone when most of the “new” features were already available on Samsung phones.
Apple set tongues wagging recently after claims emerged that the technology Company is building an in-house agency by hiring as many as 1,000 media buyers and creatives.

 The company also has started asking outside ad agencies to pitch ideas on various projects, Ad Age reported last month.

In a sign that the agency needs fresh thinking, long time TBWA chief Tom Carroll was named chairman last week, with Troy Ruhanen replacing him as global CEO.

Adding to the indignities, Apple just lost its title as the most valuable brand three years running to Google in a Millward Brown study.