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Britbox, A Tech Nightmare For Subscribers

UPDATED: Britbox is a content streaming joint venture between the BBC and ITV, launched in Australia this year the new streaming service is riddled with operational problems with users having to constantly re log in to the service, while other struggle to get access to the streaming platform.
I had major problems setting up my subscription with the log in sites toggled between as.au and .com to a.UK sites.

Unlike Foxtel Go or Amazon Prime users watching via an app on a TV who are halfway through a show and decide to hold the rest of a show for another night are being forced to log in again as I have had to do when using their app on a Samsung TV.

To do this is a pain in the backside, as one has to go to a mobile tablet or PC, log into the Britbox site and enter a security code that is supposed to be on the screen, the only problem is the code does not appear so one has to refresh the process all over again.

When I first set up a subscription to the streaming service, I kept getting a 404 error for the page that was supposed to be the log in page for the Britbox service.

A visit to the Product Review web site reveals that the service which was spruiking Call Of Duty the UK Crime show to attract subscribers has only managed to achieve a 1.5 Star rating with readers scathing of the service.

One subscriber from Terrigal in NSW wrote “They do not even deserve the 1 star. As with the extraordinary number of negative reviews – this review confirms it is the worst of the streaming services”.

“Very poor content. Beware the 7-day free trial. They take the payment at the first available opportunity on the 7th day. It just shows how desperate they are for subscription fees!”

“Another subscriber from the Central Highlands in Victoria wrote “Unreliable. Customer support woeful. Won’t allow me to Chromecast. When I log in it keeps telling me I need to purchase a subscription, yet they have been direct debiting my bank account for 3 months now”.

“Stay well clear! Streaming very ordinary when it was working. Not very good quality picture. Most programmes can be found on other streaming services. Try Acorn TV. Looks to have the goods.

Britbox have finally responded with a comment that is more PR spin than an explanation as to why their subscribers are constantly facing technology problems.

A spokesperson for the content provider said ‘Britbox really values customer feedback. We have the goal of making BritBox a seamless customer experience and that includes addressing key feedback around account setup, browsing and video playback.

Since launching in Australia late last year, we have been consistently rolling out updates across all our platforms in order to improve the service for our customers.

We know many Australians are huge lovers of British telly and we encourage anybody experiencing any issues with their BritBox account or subscription to reach out to our customer service team via our website.’

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