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Aussie Radio Looks To In-Car Infotainment Future

The Australian radio industry is teaming up with overseas broadcasters, tech experts, and auto manufacturers to optimise radio on Android-powered car infotainment systems.

Commercial Radio Australia has joined a working group, led by the US National Association of Broadcasters, to investigate combining broadcast radio with internet and voice technology to create a better radio experience on Google’s open-source Android Automotive operating system.

Android Automotive, which carmakers including Ford and Volvo have already signed on for, differs from Android Auto in that the system is built into the car’s computer rather than needing a smartphone.

Joan Warner, CRA.

According to Joan Warner, chief executive officer of CRA, eighty-four per cent of Australians listen to radio in the car, making it a vital component of any auto infotainment system.

“The connected car will transform the in-car entertainment experience, and Australian broadcasters are pleased to be part of this exciting global working group providing input on how to deliver the best radio experience possible.

“This is a dynamic space and broadcasters need to participate in global efforts and work with car manufacturers to ensure radio is in the new car app ecosystems as connected cars roll out,” she said.

The move is another step into the smart tech space for Australian radio stations, which are also available via voice command on Google Nest speakers and displays.

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