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Breaking NEWS:Westan Pick Up Denon & Marantz, Qualifi Gets Speakercraft

Melbourne based distributor Westan has been appointed as the distributor for Denon and Marantz products in New Zealand.

Sound United made the appointment earlier this month, former distributor was B&W Loudspeakers a Company owned by James Harding who retired.

In Australia Denon and Marantz are witnessing a surge in sales after COVID-19 drove Australians into hibernation mode, according to Qualifi management.

According to Michael Henriksen the CEO of Qualifi the distributor of Denon and Marantz products in Australia March was their “biggest month ever” with April sales also up on prior years.

Qualifi has also been appointed as the distributor of SpeakerCraft products in Australia, this will complement their Nile product range which is also manufactured by Nortek the maker of Elan and Xantech products which are also distributed by Qualifi.

Previously Speakercraft was distributed by Queensland based distributor Avation.

The Company said that Nortek Security & Control, the parent company of SpeakerCraft, has been globally consolidating the sales, distribution and customer service of the SpeakerCraft brand under the same roof along with many of the other Nortek products QualiFi already distributes such as – Elan, Niles, Sunfire, Xantech and Furman.

SpeakerCraft has a long heritage in quality architecturally integrated audio solutions for residential and commercial spaces dating back to 1976 when the company created OEM solutions for some high profile brand names in the audio business. In 2000 the company was headed up by the charismatic Jeremy Burkhardt and went on to making SpeakerCraft the leading name in integrated sound solutions in the US.

Today, Nortek with its suite of control and security products, continues this legacy of innovating and creating unique quality products that systems integrators all over the world install daily and value highly.

“We’re pleased to take on the range of products from SpeakerCraft in a move that will strengthen the offering to integrators alongside Nortek’s other quality brands,” says QualiFi’s National CI Sales Manager Joe Salamanca. “QualiFi has always added considerable value to the brands we represent and will certainly build on the reputation SpeakerCraft has built over the years. Our dealers will be pleased to see the respected and exclusive integration product range offered alongside many complementary products at QualiFi.”

Rod Sommerich, the newly appointed Nortek Asia Pacific Sales Manager, has added. . . “We’ve been pleased with the market approach, success and growth we’ve seen take place in Australia and we’re confident this move will ensure a coherent offering will be readily available to quality systems integrators that partner with QualiFi.”

Supply of SpeakerCraft products to integrators is available now with ample stock arriving on regular schedules, as is commonplace with all other QualiFi represented brands.

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