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BREAKING NEWS: New Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Smartphone Only Available On Telstra Network

Samsung has debuted a new 5G Galaxy S10 5G, but it will only be available on the new limited Telstra network when it is finally opened up later this year.

The device will come with a 6.7in QHD Dynamic AMOLED display, a quad camera setup complete with a 3D depth-sensing lens and modems and chipsets that support 5G.

At this stage it appears that Samsung has decided to bypass the mark 1 version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 instead Samsung appears to be going with their own Exynos 9820 processor and Exynos Modem 5100.

With the Telstra network set to be limited to less than 300 5G towers nationally in 2019 it’s expected that the early adopters will go for a top end Samsung offering over a 5G handset offerings from the likes of Oppo, ZTE, or Huawei.

Apple is not set to have a 5G handset model till late in 2020 with the new Samsung Galaxy 5G model set to deliver support for both Cat 20 LTE speeds (2Gbps) and 5G connectivity at 6Gbps.

At this stage Samsung’s 5G modem can support speeds of up to 2Gbps for frequencies under 6GHz and up to 6Gbps for the mmWave spectrum.

As for storage which will be an issue if consumers are downloading more the device has 8GB RAM, 256GB built-in storage and a hefty 4,500mAh battery, it also supports Wireless PowerShare, which will let you juice compatible devices by resting them on the handset’s backside.

Other features are similar to the new Samsung Galaxy 10+ which has a triple-lens camera setup with a 3D depth sensing lens alongside a 16MP ultra-wide and 12MP wide and telephoto lenses, which will enable “augmented reality experiences”.

You’ll also find an Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner, a ‘punch-hole’ cut out that houses the handset’s dual selfie cam setup and Google’s Android 9 Pie OS.

Pricing for the new device have not been released.

Samsung is banking on the launch of the Companies new 5G handset along with a new Galaxy Flip and two new Galaxy 10 handsets will stimulate interest in a struggling smartphone market.

The new devices will be a barometer for the global smartphone industry struggling to revive momentum after a decade of robust growth ground to a halt.

Global smartphone shipments fell last year to 1.43 billion, marking the first time the figure had slid on a full-year basis, according to StrategyAnalytics.

In Australia Samsung overall Smartphone sales in particular with the Galaxy S9 have fallen and the only saviour has been an increase in the average selling price with revenues rising.

Consumers are holding on to their phones longer and spending less on upgrades, putting pressure on manufacturers to bolster innovation and justify the price tags on their products.

In China, Samsung has been almost driven out of the phone market, and globally it faces losing the title of the world’s biggest handset maker to Huawei. Samsung sold 291 million smartphones last year while Huawei sold 206 million, according to StrategyAnalytics.

At this stage Samsung is predicting that they will sell more than 40 million Galaxy S10 units in the first year of release, claims Counterpoint Research.

That will be more than the Galaxy S9 for the same period, but fewer than the Galaxy S7, Samsung’s best-selling S-series smartphone up to date, it said.

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