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BREAKING NEWS: Lenovo To Release New 4K Yoga & 7″ Smart Display

Lenovo is set to release a new 7″ Smart Display which the Chinese PC Company is claiming will be the ‘Most capable Smart Display’ available today along with a new Yoga 4K C940 2 in 1 with an Intel i7 processor and a 4K display.

The products are just two of several products that Lenovo will roll out at will be IFA 2019.

What’s different from prior models is that it has a smaller footprint and a new set of features. The Google Voice device will allow owners to check their morning commute or the weather.

You can also Stream music, radio, and YouTube videos, Browse Google Photos or simply make a Duo Call.

The Lenovo™ Yoga C940 has a 10th Generation Intel Core™ i7 as well as new features built directly into a sleek metal chassis.

One big feature is the introduction of a 4K VESA certified DisplayHDR.

Lenovo claim that they are introducing a new class of Yoga laptops co-engineered with Intel to think smarter with Artificial Intelligence.

The Company believes that the 10th Generation Intel Core mobile processors will deliver better performance and longer battery life, past models died very quickly.

Owners can Speak to a voice assistant from across the room in sleep mode; automatically upscale video with Super Resolution* on Windows Media Player.

The 4K VESA DisplayHDR 400 comes in the form of a 14″ screen edged with razor thin bezels and optimized with up to 500 nites of brightness and Dolby Vision.

When combined with a Rotating Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos for 3-dimensional audio in every mode, the Yoga C940 offers a unique entertainment option.
We will report on more Lenovo products after their IFA press conference.