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IFA 2019: NEW Philips B&W TVs Are Stunning Let’s Hope They Make It To OZ

Philips whose TV’s are distributed by Tempo in Australia, have revealed new 4K OLED TV models at IFA 2019, what’s not known is if these products will be released in Australia as past models proved to be “too expensive” for the Australian OLED TV market where models are being discounted out, at what retailers attending IFA claim are “ridiculous prices”.

The new TV’s were developed in partnership with Bowers & Wilkins who is currently launching a new range of networked sound products in Australia.

The Ambilight OLED+934 and Ambilight OLED+984 come equipped with the third-generation Philips’ P5 Processing Engine, which deliver several advantages, including improved noise reduction, superior sharpness, and better contrast and colour accuracy, resulting in a clearer HDR viewing experience for Dolby.

Philips claim that its P5 Processing Engine has been tweaked to operate at a higher bit resolution to improve dark detail, adding that several of its software features — such as Detail Enhancer and Perfect Natural Reality — have also been rebuilt to produce a sharper, more accurate, high-contrast image. Just how well the changes work, however, remains to be seen.

Where the Ambilight OLED+934 and Ambilight OLED+984 differ is in the audio department.

Recognized as the first 2.1.2-specification Dolby Atmos-enabled TV, the Ambilight OLED+934 fuses two upward-firing speakers with four mid-range drivers, two decoupled titanium tweeters, and a centre-mounted subwoofer. That’s more than enough punch to fill an entire room.

On the other hand, the Ambilight OLED+984 has the bragging rights of bundling the “most advanced sound system ever offered on a TV” — at least, according to Philips. Its setup is comprised of a mid-bass right, left, and centre speaker, as well as a subwoofer — all packed into a soundbar-like box that is to be positioned beneath the TV, either mounted on a stand or not.

Despite all the new technology under the bonnet the Ambilight OLED+934 and Ambilight OLED+984 are two of slimmest, most elegant TVs we’ve ever seen, let’s hope that Philips and Tempo find a way to get this technology into retailers.

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