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BREAKING NEWS: Apple To Release Premium Headphone Comfort One Minute Active Lifestyle Next

Confirmed, Apple is developing a premium over ear multi capable headphone that is one minute a comfort fit and the next an active lifestyle fit, the product is set to put pressure on Sony, Bose and Sennheiser.

In development for nearly two years the new offering will have a retro look and will have their own unique Apple identity, as well as removable parts similar to some headphones from Master & Dynamic and Bowers & Wilkins, that both have magnetic ear pads.

Apple will use their Beats headphones in the mid to value market while growing share in the premium market with their new offering which could be launched in the last quarter of 2020 subject to availability of components.

According to Bloomberg sources Apple is working on at least two variations, including a premium version with leather-like fabrics and a fitness-focused model that uses lighter, breathable materials with small perforations, the people said.

(Photo: Apple’s Beats Solo 3 Wireless)

Prototypes of the headphones claim the prototypes have oval-shaped ear cups that swivel, and a headband connected by thin, metal arms.

The arms stem from the top of the ear cups rather than the sides, Apple insiders claimed.

Another key point of difference is that the ear pads and headband padding attach to the frame of the headphones magnetically so they can be replaced by the user.

Apple’s more modular design will allow users to customise their headphones like they do with the Apple Watch.

The US Company iPhone Company plans to use similar wireless-pairing and noise-cancellation tech in its upcoming headphones to what is already in the AirPods Pro.

The new headphones will use Siri for voice control and have a limited set of integrated touch controls.

According to sources Apple was planning to launch the product in the last quarter of 2019 and then the second quarter of 2020. Now the Company is planning unveil the product later this year, however complications during final development or from the Covid-19 pandemic could affect the timing and features again, they added.

China’s Goertek is among the partners Apple has discussed for handling assembly of its headphones, according to other people familiar with the California company’s supply chain, but it’s still not fully recovered from the pandemic’s disruption.

Another problem facing Apple is their ability to do final testing because of the company’s COVID-19 measure that has seen most of its employees working remotely.

In its last fiscal year, Apple generated $24.5 billion from accessories, including AirPods, Beats headphones and the Apple Watch.

The new Apple headphones will join a long list of other products in the company’s pipeline, including new iPhones with 5G connectivity, a Tags location accessory, lower-cost iPads and new Macs.

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