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New Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar A Threat To Sonos

A new Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar will be available for pre-order in Australia soon, it will compete head on with the Sonos range of soundbars. 

Key is a new AI-driven dialogue mode that makes spoken words easier to hear claims Bose. 

By employing machine learning, Bose says the new speaker “automatically balances voice and surround sound for ultra-crisp vocal clarity” and that their ADAPTiQ Calibration tech “measures the properties of your room and adjusts the sound of your system accordingly.”

For an immersive experience, Bose TrueSpace tech allows the speaker to use up-firing drivers to bounce height-channel sound off the ceiling to a user’s listening position.

Numerous of the Ultra’s other features match up closely to the speaker’s predecessor and the rest of the range of speakers with its Wi-Fi with Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, single HDMI eARC connection, Amazon Alexa built-in, and also the Bose Voice4Video allowing users to command some TV functions via Alexa.

The new Ultra can also be paired wirelessly with Bose bass modules and surround speakers, allowing the soundbar to act as a multi-room wireless sound system.

According to their website, the new speaker is available on Bose.com for $1499.95 starting October 15th in Australia.

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