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Bluemouth To Bring New Atari Console/PC Hybrid To ANZ

Atari will bring its new VCS PC/console hybrid gaming system to Australia through local distributor Bluemouth Interactive.

The VCS, which stands for Video Computer System, is powered by an AMD Ryzen 1606G high-performance Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) with Zen-core and Radeon Vega Graphics. According to Atari, this allows gaming and video streaming up to 4K HDR at 60fps. It will ship with 100 classic Atari games pre-loaded, will have Wi-Fi connectivity, and will also be capable of running Windows 10 and Linux through its PC mode.

VCS is described by Michael Arzt, chief operating officer for Atari VCS, as a modern video gaming and computer system which blends the best of consoles and PCs.

“The VCS is a fully-functional mini-PC that uses the TV, or any video monitor screen, as its primary interface in a way that feels like a traditional console experience. This is why we have taken to calling the VCS a PC/console hybrid,” he said.

David Provan, Managing Director of Bluemouth, said he was excited to work with the iconic Atari brand in Australia.

“At a time when we are all looking for fresh and innovative ways to consume various forms of content (both new and old), the VCS combines nearly 50 years of entertainment into one stylish creation, opening up our lounge rooms to near infinite content possibilities from one device.

“Its form and function is unapologetically different, as Atari fans want it to be. Being a PC/Console hybrid device allows for a stylish yet minimalistic icon to grace our lounge rooms, whilst offering the power, openness, and upgradeability that typically only comes with a big ugly PC,” he said.

The VCS will be available locally in November, and can be preordered at EB Games, JB HiFi, The Gamesmen, Catch.com.au, Mightape.co.nz, and ​Atarivcs.com.au. The RRP will be AU$699.95 for the 8GB base system, and AU$849.95 for the “All-In Bundle”, which will include a joystick and controller otherwise sold separately for AU$109.95 apiece.

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