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Birdie: The World’s First Smart Media Player For Kids

Birdie has unveiled the world’s first Australian-designed smart media player for children, which enables children listen to music and audio books safely.

They can also watch videos safely by streaming through the use of a token, known as seeds, that ae tapped on the speaker and immediately play the content described to it.

This includes The Wiggles, Play School and Paw Patrol, for example.

Additionally, the smart device also comes with a mobile app for parents that can allows parents to manage and control content that their kids access, connect to another smart device such as a TV, and give quick access to the Birdie Store to expand their library.

Birdie is also easy to use, being designed for the young in mind, being tested on children before being released to the market.

The Birdie is also battery-powered, charges wirelessly and can be washed under a tap.

The smart speakers can be purchased from the official Birdie website, with packages ranging between $179 and $249.

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