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Big Tech Brands Appear To Snub Beijing Winter Olympics

Samsung, Intel, and Panasonic are major sponsors of the next month’s Winter Olympics in China but there is little to show for their investment so far.

In the past these big brands would have been out spruiking their involvement in the Olympic Games, but not in 2022 with brands torn between their desire to grow in China and their relationships in markets like the USA, Europe and Australia who are moving to ban Chinese Companies because of their threats and theft of intellectual properties.

Traditionally a Winter Olympics is a huge marketing opportunity for sponsors, however this time round Beijing 2022 is causing a huge headache for the 13 official corporate partners of the Games.

Australia along with the US, UK, and Canada have already mounted a diplomatic boycott of the Games.

Australian and US competitors have been told to use temporary “burner” phones while in Beijing.

Security experts claim that personal devices may be at risk of cyber-surveillance and malware attacks, officials say.

The advisory is one of several security warnings athletes have received ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Several Western Countries have criticised China for alleged human rights violations against its minority Uyghur population, and its actions in Tibet and Hong Kong.

BBC analysis shows a dramatic reduction in tweets referring to the Games from the Olympics’ global sponsors – as compared to last year’s Summer Games in Tokyo.

The BBC also approached all 13 Olympic partners for comment on accusations of China human rights abuses. None responded directly to the allegations.

The former chief marketing officer for the US Olympic Committee at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Rick Burton, told the BBC multinationals were “walking a tightrope”.

Most sponsorship deals are done up to 4-8 years prior to an Olympic Games taking place.

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